Bettaway Fleet features

satellite tracking, DOT compliance

protective services, and much more

  GPS Tracking & Cargo Sensors

GPS Tacking allows real-time positioning and communication with our trucks and drivers. Drivers input pick-up and delivery data, which immediately updates to our system, allowing clients access to real-time load status.

Cargo sensors in select vehicles enable us to know the location of a disconnected trailer and provides remote visibility of its load status.


  Yard Management & Yard Switchers

We have the ability to implement and execute trailer preload programs to improve warehouse efficiency, reduce carrier delay and improve transit time.

  Exceeding Safety

Modern, clean, food-grade equipment.

On-board computers and communication in all tractors.

Uniformed, professional drivers with an average of 15 years experience.

Regular, required safety meetings for drivers and fleet personnel.

DOT compliant.