Founder's Story

Bettaway was founded by Betty and Anthony Vaccaro in 1982 as a beverage distribution company servicing restaurants, catering halls and commercial accounts with our own private label beverages. The company name is a combination of the founders' names, Betty and Anthony. Prior to forming Bettaway, Anthony concluded 25 successful years in the beverage manufacturing and distribution business. During the manufacturing years, our founder created, produced and marketed many different beverage packages and brands for the trade.
We came to realize during the early years of Bettaway that our core business was not the beverages we were manufacturing and selling. Our business success was delivering products to our customers in a timely, reliable manner. We discovered that "delivery and distribution service" was our core business. With our newfound knowledge, the company decided to extend its delivery and distribution service to other beverage distributors and brands. This formula has provided steady growth for our company over the past 35 years.
The journey began in 1987 with a small regional fleet serving new age beverage companies and local beer distributors. Our fleet has kept up with the pace of technology in every way, but remains the cornerstone of our company today. Our trucks still bear our original company name, Bettaway Beverage Distributors, Inc.
In 1992, our fleet led to the development of our logistic division, Bettaway Traffic Systems, Inc. With this expansion we focused on national third party logistics management and become one of the first 3pls.
With trucking and logistics came the responsibility of pallets. Having owned and operated businesses on all sides of the supply chain, we understood the challenges and financial pitfalls of the traditional pallet exchange process. In our early years, we solved the pallet puzzle for our core customers with our unique approach to pallet management, as a value added service to our logistics product. In 1995, Bettaway Pallets Systems, Inc. was founded as a spin-off from our logistics company to meet the growing demand for national pallet management. Our pallet sourcing, retrieval, repair, and tracking program were then marketed as a stand-alone service. Today, BPS supplies and retrieves millions of pallets a year throughout the United States and Canada, primarily, but not exclusively, for the food, beverage, and consumer goods companies.
Today the company continues under the leadership of family members Laura and John Vaccaro, together with a talented and diverse staff of professionals. Over the past thirty years, Bettaway has embraced the evolving technological requirements of our industry while still retaining personal interaction. Only dedicated people, who possess the proper information and tools, can provide the service we offer. Today our Logistics Company, dedicated fleet, and pallet system continue with steady annual growth. Many of our original customers, dating back to 1982, are our customers today. While our core business still consists of many leading beverage companies and suppliers, Bettaway services a wide range of industries. We remain focused on providing a "Bettaway" of transporting goods and the supply and retrieval of pallets.