Our logistics options provide clients

with quality service, equipment

availability, accurate information

and the best rates.

  Custom-tailored Logistics Solutions

Review customer's current supply chain and distribution methods.

Identify business practices that can be improved.

Design and implement freight procurement strategies to achieve cost objectives.

Create a solution that respects the client's culture, operating preferences and parameters.

Claims Reporting & Management

Bettaway employs its own claims management staff.

Bettaway claims:

Have consistently been less than 1/4 of 1% annually.

Are reported to the customer within 24 hours.

Are closed within 120 days of opening.

  Time Critical & Expedited Services 

Just-in-time delivery of inbound materials for manufacturing.

Appointment critical delivery to the service sensitive customer.

Short lead time shipments.

Shipment Consolidation

Bettaway's OptiRoute software identifies more efficient shipment consolidation and load matching opportunities. By utilizing these methods, we are able to minimize truck traffic at facilities. This reduces carbon footprint by lowering fuel consumption and improves client's efficiency.