Bettaway Fleet features

satellite tracking, DOT compliance

protective services, and much more

  Bettaway has its own modern, technologically advanced fleet that prides itself on professionalism and safety.

We have developed a fleet that provides professional 24-hour service, streamlined operations through on-board computers and communication, and exceeds DOT compliance standards.

Provides dependable, ongoing and surge support to our logistics and pallet divisions.

Capable of coordinating and implementing custom, just-in-time (JIT) and specialized expedited services.

Provides value added services such as shuttle services, trailer spotting and yard management.

Offers protective services, protect from freeze and temperature controlled equipment.

Dedicated, identified fleet with custom graphics.

Allows the development, testing and implementation of new transport methods and efficiencies that we can introduce to our carrier network.

Offers clients a single source transportation solution from manufacturer’s yard to client’s door.


Our ultralight equipment is capable of 50,000 pound payloads, which means increased efficiency and lower environmental impact for our clients.

Our Ultralight division has a 10% increase on payload over our competitors, resulting in one less truck on the road for every ten regular shipments.


Bettaway’s greater payloads also lower unit cost, reduce carbon footprint, and pass greater savings on to our clients with every single shipment.